◘ Who are you?

Hi! We’re a family of 4 Jehovah’s Witnesses that initally decided to create free printables for our christian brothers and sisters around the world on our main website JWPrintables.com (which we still do!)

We also found that we could extend our help and skills to our spiritual family by sharing our website’s traffic with friends who are both seeking and providing lovely products that help support our worldwide brotherhood. Hence, iShopJW was born!

.◘ Why should I add my products?

We help other JWs find you and your products in a convenient and organized way! We have created this directory as a way of connecting us all together so that Jehovah’s Witnesses can support one another in an organized way.

We get over 25,000 41,000 visitors a month from all over the world and we feature 3 amazing products on our front page each month! We also periodically feature interviews of brothers and sisters who own shops so that you can get to know them a little better!

◘ Do I have to pay to submit my products?

Absolutely not! Like our main website JW Printables, we offer this service at no cost to our brothers and sisters. We invite you to add your products to our website directory for FREE!

◘ How many people visit your website?

As of the date of writing this post, we get over 25,000 visitors a month 41,000 Visitors a month as of 1/30/17 (and growing) from all over the world!

◘ Do you allow products that use copyrighted material from JW.org?

No, we do not. All logos, publication covers, images and videos on JW.org are actually copyrighted and cannot be used for any other purpose. That includes graphics/screenshots of Caleb & Sophia or even just the pictures of the Watchtower & Awake Magazines on the website. Even the JW.org logo is copyrighted.

We review all listings before they are published and may allow versions of characters, or artist’s depictions of publications, etc. However, blatant copying or use of copyrighted materials is something we just can’t allow on our personal website.

.◘ Why do you sell Featured Product Spots? I thought they were all free?

Submitting a product to the website is totally free! However we have a prime spot on the front page where we feature 3 special products each month for a fee. It’s not required and is totally optional.

Items featured on the front page don’t disappear as new products are added and are visible to every person visiting the website for 1 full month (30 days.) It’s a cool way to get additional exposure if you want a specific product of yours to be noticed more than the others!

◘ Why are my products pending?

To protect the marketplace of products and our brothers and sisters, all listings are reviewed briefly before they are published. This is to prevent questionable or offensive material from appearing on the website!

If this is a place for our brothers and sister, it should be truly protected.

◘ Do you handle disputes?

This website is free to list items and we do not handle payments between sellers and buyers. This means that we do not act as a mediator in any selling disputes.

We recommend selling and buying through Paypal because they already have an amazing support and dispute system for anyone who purchases or sells through their platform.

◘ Do you charge any fees?

We do not charge any fees to list your items on this website whatsoever!

◘ Do listings expire?

Listings do not expire. They remain on the site until you delete them! So if you sell an item and want to take it down, simply remove it! And no having to renew listings for items that you sell continuously.