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Last Updated On June 24, 2018
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With the latest update to ISJW we’re excited to be able to introduce a new, more comprehensive shipping system for the items available in your shop. This tutorial will give you tips on how to best set these features up.

The new settings include the use of Shipping Classes which allows sellers to create postage pricing depending on where a buyer is in the world. Here’s how it works:


Enable Shipping On Products

When creating a product, you have the option to enable shipping. Tick the box to enable shipping for an item that is physically shipped.


Select A Shipping Class

A drop down menu will appear with Shipping class options. Select a shipping class for your item.

Quick Tip
For this setting to function properly, it is advised to decide which products you will categorize together under each shipping class. (e.g.: selecting the “Medium Items” shipping class for all of the 5×7 notebooks in your shop, or selecting the “Very small Items” class for all of the Necklaces in your shop.)

Once you’ve selected the shipping class for your item, you can finish adding in the remaining info and save your product.


Find the shipping settings for your shop

In your dashboard menu, navigate to the Settings tab and click the Shipping tab.

You will find on this page different location zones around the world that you can set shipping prices for. You can set a postage price for each shipping class depending on where a buyer is located using these settings.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we’re going to set shipping prices for buyers located in Australia. You can see in the image above, that no shipping methods are set for this location.

Quick Tip
Buyers will not be able to purchase items from you if you have no shipping class set for the location that they live in.

If a buyer from Australia tried to purchase from our shop before we added shipping methods to that location, they would be unable to finish the purchase as shown in the photo to the right.

So it is very important to set shipping methods for each location that you’d like to reach buyers in.


Edit a Shipping Zone

To edit a shipping zone (or location), click the ‘edit’ button that appears under the name of the Country.

On the page, you’ll see two available settings options: Limit your zone location and Add shipping method.


Limit Your Zone Location

If you want to limit where you will ship items, you can use this setting to limit where in Australia your buyers will come from. You can do this by state/territory, by zipcode/postalcode or both. (Buyers will only be able to purchase from you if they live in the territories & postcodes that you select.)

You can also leave this turned off if you don’t need to limit locations that you sell to in this country.


Add Shipping Method

The dropdown on this page allows us to set costs for the shipping classes we are using. There are three options available:

  • Flat rate: allows you to set the shipping costs yourself.
  • Free Shipping: allows you to offer free shipping based on a minimum order amount.
  • Local Pickup: allows you to offer a local pickup option & decide if you’ll charge a fee for this.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll be focusing on Flat Rate shipping settings.


Edit Your Shipping Method

After selecting Flat Rate shipping, click edit & the settings box for this method will pop up.

  1. The cost for this method is going to be based on “first class” shipping rates, so I rename the shipping method to “First Class 3-5 Day” for Australia so we know that these are first class rates.
  2. The First “Cost” option is for Handling charges, and will be added to the other prices on the page to make the total shipping cost.  If you don’t plan to charge handling fees, you must set this price to 0.00. (Do not leave it blank)
  3. At the beginning of this tutorial, we put our item in the “Medium Items” shipping class, so that is the shipping class that I add the price to.
    Quick Tip
    My item weighs 16 oz. According to USPS, “First Class” shipping for a package of this weight from my location to any location in Australia will cost $4.75. This is why we entered $4.75 as the cost and labeled this shipping method “First class 3-5 Day.”
  4. You can leave shipping methods that you aren’t using yet blank, and come back to add pricing to the later when they are in use.
  5. Calculation type allows you to decide how buyers will be charged for items in your shop.
    Per Class shipping: will charge buyers shipping for each individual item they purchase from your shop, even if they purchase more than one item from you. (If a buyer is purchasing 1 notebook with $4 shipping and a pen with $2 shipping, it will charge $7 shipping for the entire order.) This can become expensive for the buyers depending on the items that you offer.
    Per Order Shipping: will charge buyers for the most expensive shipping option available if they are purchasing multiple items from you. (If a buyer is purchasing 1 notebook with $4 shipping and a pen with $2 shipping, it will charge $4 shipping for the entire order.) This allows you to group all items into 1 flat shipping rate.
    It is up to you to decide which pricing method will work best for your shop!

After you’ve added all the pricing, just hit save settings and you have your first available shipping method!

Quick Tip
You can add as many shipping options as you like & rename them according to the shipping methods you use. As you can see in the photo to the right, we’ve added another shipping method that includes different pricing rates for “Priority Mail” shipping.

What Buyer’s See

Now, when a buyer goes to purchase, they’ll have all of the shipping methods that you created above available to them.

The shipping costs are based on the pricing you set for the shipping class you picked for your item! In this way, you can customize & have greater control over the price of items in your ISJW Shop.



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