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Adding Your Service

Services are things like catering, photography sessions and the like. We didn’t want to leave these friends out from being able to submit to the website so we create a special section where friends who offer services (not products) can list what they do in a place where friends can find it.

Please Note: The services section is not for submitting products or shops. It is only for submitting services that you continuously offer.

How To Submit a Service

Visit the services page and click “Submit new listing” > from there you can add in the following info:

  • Listing title: The title of your listing. This will typically be your business name.
  • Description: A description of your service and what you do. Be descriptive since friends are searching for a provider that best fits what they need.
  • Categories: The category your service fits in. If you think we should add a category, please DM us your category suggestion.
  • Listing Tags: Other words that you think will help the friends find your listing. Separate each tag with a comma.
  • Phone: A phone number friends can reach you at, if you have one.
  • Website: A website they can visit to get more info about you, your services and pricing.
  • Email: When friends try to contact you through the listing, their messages will go to this email. If you leave it blank, it will default to the email you used to create an account.
  • Listing Images: We require that all listings come with at least 1 image. Be sure to tick off the box “set this image as logo” or your image will not appear in the search results.
  • Listing locations: This is what will help friends to find you by location. Select your country, state/territory and enter in your address. (You can also choose to just select country & state/territory without adding any other details) After you enter your address, you MUST click “Generate on Google Map” in order for your listing to be searchable by location.
  • Submit: Click to submit your listing when you’re all done!
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