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Requesting the Removal of Posts or Threads

Removing posts is not as easy or straightforward as it first appears. Very often the removal of one post makes the conversation flow of a conversation seem nonsensical to other members and often has an impact on subsequent replies to that conversation made by other members. It also requires a lot of time to remove posts and check the thread for continuity.

Because of this, our default policy is not to remove any posts or threads on request, unless there is a strong reason for doing so.

Please consider what you are posting on the forums before you press submit!

If you feel that you would like your posts to be removed, please send a Private Message to the ISJW inbox with your reasons for having the post deleted. Please include a link to the post in question.

If you would like an entire thread to be removed, it is our policy to inform all of the members who have posted in that thread that a request for its removal has been made – this is only fair to those members who have taken the time to participate and contribute to the thread. Please include a link to the thread in question.

Only the member who started the thread can request for it to be removed.

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