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Strikes and Bans

Strikes and bans are given when members post inappropriate content, spam the forums, send unsolicited Private Messages or otherwise abuse the rules of the forum, so please read ISJW’s Guidelines & Policies before you post.

Any strikes or bans given are not to be discussed on the forum. Such matters shall remain private between ISJW and the member. Strikes and bans are implemented to keep this website and community clean and unoffensive to the friends. Questions or comments concerning warnings, strikes or bans will be conveyed through email or Private Messages.

3 Strike System:

‘Strikes’ are given against a member’s account for the reasons mentioned above. Strikes expire after 6 months. Automatic bans are imposed if ISJW members reach 3 concurrent ‘strikes’.

Escalating a Moderating Decision:

Discussions regarding moderator decisions are not permitted on the forum. In the first instance, please send a PM to the moderator if you disagree with any decisions made.

If you have further questions regarding the moderation of a post or thread, or would like the administrators to arbitrate any decisions made by the moderators, please email send a Private Message to the Administrator account (username: ishopjw)

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