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How to Customize Your Shop

ISJW was created so that our worldwide family could sell and support one another for free. Each seller is provided with a shop page with a unique site URL like the one below:

You can also set up a custom shop image and shop banner to make your shop uniquely yours! This page will show you how to customize and set up your shop in about 10 minutes or less!

Setting Your Shop Name

To set your shop name, navigate to > Dashboard > click the ‘settings’ tab > & enter your shop name.

PLEASE NOTE: your shop name will also be the name used in the link to your shop page. If you put spaces in your shop name (e.g. Kingdom Treasures) your shop link will have dashes in it for every space (e.g.

No spaces in your shop name (e.g. KingdomTreasures) will result in a shop link without dashes. (e.g. Its up to you decide what works best for you!

Other Shop Settings:

  • Store Description: A description of your shop, which will appear just under your shop banner.
  • Seller Info: Quick Information about you as the seller. Please keep it short.
  • Store Website / Blog URL: A website or blog url you’d like associated with your shop.
  •  Store Phone/Store Country/Store Address: Contact info for you store, if any.

Customizing Your Shop Banner & Image

To set your banner and shop image, navigate to > Dashboard > click the ‘Branding’ tab > & upload your photos.

PLEASE NOTE: Shop banners must be WIDER than they are tall. They should be rectangular. We reserve the right to remove shop banners that do not meet this requirement. Our Recommended Banner size is: 1200px by 300 px. 


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