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How To Submit External Product Links

I Shop JW is a marketplace that functions in 2 ways:

  1. Sellers can sell directly on our website and accept payments through paypal.
  2. Sellers can use our website as a directory & submit links to products on other websites or marketplaces.

This page will explain how to submit a product to our website if you would like to link to an outside website, marketplace or shop instead of selling directly through ISJW.

A product that is linked to a place outside of our website is called an “External/Affiliate Product” because it is not sold inside of ISJW, but externally.

How To Submit External Product Links

To add a product navigate to > Dashboard > click the ‘Products’ tab > click ‘Add Product’ button.


After you add in all of the product information, you’ll get to a section of the page that allows you to select a “Product Type.” Click the drop down and select “External/Affiliate Product” and the options below it will change.

You can then insert your:

  • Product URL: The link to your PRODUCT’S page. DO NOT link to a shop homepage or to a social page (like Instagram or facebook) this is for individual products only.
  • Button text: Button text should NOT contain the names of any other marketplaces, to prevent trademark issues. A simple “Purchase” or “Visit YourShopName” should do.
  • Regular Price: The price of the item when it is not on sale.
  • Sale Price: If you are running a sale, can put the price here along with the regular price. It will show the regular price slashed out and the sale price next to it.
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