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Packaging Tips

While the primary purpose of shipping packages is to protect the item, the way you package and ship your product is your biggest opportunity to create a wonderful buying a experience for the brother or sister who will receive it.

Here are some quick tips that will help you to give someone a great buying experience through your packaging:

1. Include a hand written note

This is always a beautiful touch. There’s something very personal about seeing someone’s handwritten message and knowing that they took the time out to write it for you instead of just popping in a packing slip. Make it personal.

2. Pack your items well

A pretty package that arrives with damaged goods is no fun. So its important to use packaging that serves its initial function: to protect the shipped item. Use bubble wrap, packing peanuts and envelopes or packaging that will make sure your items arrive in pristine condition.

3. Include a business or calling card

So that they have a way to remember you and know where to find you again! Sometimes its good to include 2 so that if they really loved your product or a friend expresses interest in wanting something similar, they can give them one of your cards so they can find you too.

4. Wrap it as a gift

Snail mail is what email used to be: a novelty that most people don’t use very often. So now, for most people, it’s exciting to get anything in the mail that isn’t bills or other daily things.

Sending your package wrapped as a gift makes it feel like a gift! And it’s a wonderful experience to open a gift. Why not give that to your customers?

5. Include a coupon code

Include a coupon code to thank them for their purchase and to show that they are more than welcome to return -you’ll even give them a discount! This doubles as a great way to spread word about your shop since often people will give discounts to a friend.


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