Services FAQs

Services can be submitted by any registered I shop JW user, and can be searched by anyone who comes to view the website -registered or not. Friends can bookmark services to save for later & can also contact each service for more information on how to schedule or book.

You may have a few questions about how the services section of ISJW works, so we’ve compiled a list of our most frequent questions below:

Do I have to pay to submit a service?

No, submitting a service is completely free, like everything else on I Shop JW.

How long does a service remain on the website?

A service remains on the website forever! Or until you delete it from the your listings dashboard.

Can users contact me through my service listing?

Yes, users can contact you to get more information about your service and to book or schedule with you. All contacts through your service listing will go to your email, so make sure you enter a correct email address you can be reached at.

Can I view stats on my service?

You can view stats on your services from your listings dashboard. It will show you how many clicks your service as gotten and will also allow you bump up your listing to the front page to get more views.

How do I submit a service?

You can find a detailed page and video tutorial on how to submit products to ISJW for free here.

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