How do I set Shipping costs that increase with multiple items?

Last Updated On July 14, 2018
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Dear IShopJW,

I would like to have shipping costs for my products that increase depending on how many items a buyer has in their shopping cart. Is there a way to do this or is only flat rate shipping available?

Yes! There is a way to create shipping costs that increase based on quantity for the items in your shop. You can do this for each individual shipping class with a quick tweak to your shipping costs.

To increase shipping costs based on quantity, you can copy and paste this very simple formula:

3 + ( 2 * [qty] )

I’ll explain what this means.

The shipping cost for 1 notebook is $5. The buyer is purchasing two notebooks. Normally, our shipping calculator would charge a $5 flat shipping rate regardless of the number of notebooks the buyer is purchasing.

With the calculation above, however, we can tell the shipping calculator to add $2 to the shipping cost for every 1 notebook added to the cart.

This calculation is added to the 1st notebook as well, so I’ve set the base shipping cost at $3. When the buyer adds 1 notebook to their cart, the shipping will show as $5 because it’s adding $2 to our $3 base cost.

If a buyer adds 2 notebooks to their cart, the shipping cost will be $7 and so on.

You can alter the numbers in this calculation for any amount, but always leave the “[qty]” text unmodified, or the calculation will be incorrect. [qty] does not need to be replaced with a number.

I Shop JW