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Always Rejoice 2020 Convention Print at home (Regular version)

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Previously I had offered notebooks for the Conventions and Assemblies that featured the talk names and times.  Basically, I had copied the information over to the notebook pages from a PDF of the program.   Offering these either free of charge to friends or a small charge to cover fees and materials. Recently, I read in the “terms of use”  on that you may not duplicate/copy the information “ for a commercial purpose or for money (even if no profit is involved).”  So, to me ,that means that what I was doing was incorrect.   I appreciate your understanding on this!  I would not want to stumble any of my brothers and sisters by offering those notebooks, let alone it bothering my own conscience. The good news is, well, besides God’s Kingdom, 🙂 is that I will still be offering notebooks.  The physical notebooks will include all of the proper lines for you to write in the time, and talk title, just like the space for the speaker and where they were from.  The digital notebooks will have the hyperlinks to the appropriate pages where you can write in the information yourself, as well as links to the Bible and the Program. Why not take the time before the Convention or Assembly to write in all the information and meditate on the spiritual feast you have ahead of you! Warm Christian Love, Michelle

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