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Featured JW Shop: Impressions Design

Makayla Dornacher’s first steps into the world of designing started with a love of Photography. As someone with a natural talent for art & design, it only made sense to combine the two- and she does that quite artfully!

We are more than thrilled to have had the opportunity to invite Makayla to our interview room to learn more about her shop & how supporting her helps support her service to Jehovah.

Makayla’s design are a crisp style all her own and her expansive skillset allows her to create bespoke designs for any occasion. She offers discounts depending on the size/quantity of your order & has recently created a beautiful line of notebooks and phone covers with Theocratic themes.

You can see more of Makayla’s talented work on her Instagram page or in her Online Portfolio.

Hi Makayla, thank you so much for doing this with this!

You’re very welcome! My name is Makayla. I’m very excited to have this interview, I’ve never done anything like this before.

Well we’re very excited to have you, sister! So can you tell us and all the friends a little more about yourself? We’d love to be able to get to know the sister behind the shop.

Well I started to become interested in graphic design during high school. I love drawing, nature photography and can learn various computer tasks relatively easily.

So why not combine those “hobbies” and find a job that would allow me to serve Jehovah to my best and be able to support myself? I’ve been in this field for almost 4 years now and love it!

What kinds of design services do you offer?

I create invitations, business cards, flyers, wedding invitation sets (including menus, place cards, etc.), door hangers, logo and branding.

The purpose of iShopJW is to encourage friends to support one another and all the wonderful skills that our worldwide family has. Our family has a personal motto that if we can get something from a brother or sister, we’ll always choose to support them first.

On that note, what does it mean to you when you know that a brother or sister has made a special effort to support you?

It means a lot since we’re supporting one another and keeping the unity that the organization and Jehovah commands us to have. And every time I’ve received business from a brother or sister that I’ve never met before that has contacted me, we’ve felt like friends that’s known each other for years afterwards.

Thank you! And my final question: What is one of the greatest joys you’ve had as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

That’s a hard one, there’s so many! One, having a close relationship with Jehovah. Second, being able to enjoy the wonderful privilege of the preaching work, sharing the same message globally.

Completely agree! Thank you for taking the time to do this intreview with us Makayla, we are so excited to share your skills with our brothers and sisters!

You’re very welcome and thank you for reaching out!

To see more of Makayla’s Products & Designs,
please visit Impressions Designs.

Until next time, Friends!

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