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Featured JW Shop: Project Awesome

If you have a love for Purses, Clutches and all things fabulous, then we are thrilled to be able to introduce you today to the colorful designs of Project Awesome.

Kimberly and Francesca are the masterminds behind this wonderfully vibrant shop! They use their incredible seamstress skills to create purses, wristlets, keychains and more -with a woman’s touch.

Their handbags give off a perfect balance of color + function, making them a versatile choice for work, ministry or everyday. They work great for pairing up perfectly with Meeting or convention outfits!

As the weather warms up, ditch the monochrome bag you’ve been hauling around all winter in favor of a purse like the ones Kimberly and Francesca have designed. We love them!

Want to know more about the creators? We were able to invite them to our interview room a few weeks ago for a fun chat about their spirited shop: Project Awesome.

Hi, we’re so happy to be a part of this. Both Kimberly and Francesca are here chatting.

Hello to you both! So glad you could make it sisters! We would love to give the friends an opportunity to get to know you better -the faces behind the shop. So could tell us a little about yourselves and how you came to start this beautiful business together?

After 13 years of working in the same engineering firm together, we were given the opportunity to work at Warwick.

When our company wasn’t able to give us the extended time off that we would need, we made the decision to leave our jobs. Warwick was not something we were willing to let pass by.

Once our assignments there were finished we realized that our next secular job needed to be something that was flexible and would allow us to be available for whatever assignment Jehovah had in store for us.

And so…Project Awesome was born. We both loved sewing and design, and always dreamed of starting our own business that would put those passions to work.

Aw, that’s so wonderful! I bet working at Warwick was quite an experience! We’ve known a few friends who had an opportunity to go as well and according to them it was something they’ll keep in their hearts forever.

Yes, it was definitely worth giving up our jobs!

For sure! We pray that Jehovah will bless you both and your incredible sacrifices to be able to be flexible in your service to him. You have incredibly beautiful selection of handbags and wristlets and other lovely things in your shop. What would you say is the inspiration behind the items you create? Or even the patterns and colors that you pick?

Well, Kimberly will say that there is no inspiration, we just love pretty things, but we’ve always been in love with prints and patterns. I get excited every-time I walk into the fabric store.

We spend lots of time in the aisles of Joann Fabrics mixing and matching the perfect fabric combinations.

We have a background in graphic design and photography, and we’ve traveled quite a lot, and I think that influences how we put colors and patterns together.

We try to always make things that we would be excited to wear, not just because they’re pretty, but because they’re functional. I hate getting a bag that looks great, but doesn’t hold what you need it to hold, or is too fussy to use.

Do either of you have any personal favorite items from your shop?

So this is like trying to pick a favorite child. LOL. We both love our knitting bag, mostly because (on top of having both polka dots and a sheep) I just love using it – it’s incredibly functional.

Kimberly’s favorite (at the moment) is the mint green wristlet with gold chevron accents. My favorite is the navy nautical anchor set. And we’re both in love with our leopard print crossbody bag.

It’s very important that we support our spiritual family members, in whatever way we can. So what does it mean to you both, as JW business owners, when a brother or sister makes a special effort to support you?

For lack of a better phrase, it means a lot. When friends make that effort to support us, not only by shopping with us, but also by offering their encouragement, it makes reaching our spiritual goals possible, and it confirms that we made the right choice in putting those spiritual goals first.

That’s perfect guys. Thank you both Kimberly and Francesca for doing this! We are definitely so excited to feature you and your beautiful goodies.

Thank you so much!

To see more of Kimberly and Francesca’s Work,
please visit Project Awesome.

Until next time, Friends!

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