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This page has all of the guidelines and terms of use regarding the use of ISJW service. If you’re looking for forum specific guidelines, you can reference them here at any time: ISJW’s Forum & Community Guidelines

Site Use & Policies

  1. Frequently Asked Questions: a quick run down of common questions.

  2.  Terms of Service: By using this website, you accept these terms.

  3. Privacy & Cookies Policy: Info we collect & how we keep it private.

  4. DCMA/Product Removal Notice: If you find content on our site that belongs to you.

Buyer Guidebook:

  1. Buyer FAQs: Frequently asked questions, you may be wondering about!

Seller Guidebook:

  1. Why is my shop not showing up on the “Stores” page?

  2. Why does my image upload sideways?

  3. Help, I can’t upload my product images!

  4. How do I edit a Product?

  5. Packaging Tips: Best practices for packaging up your goods.

  6. Shipping Tips For Sellers: Shipping tips & easy shipping shortcuts.

  7. Understanding Paypal Fees: What Paypal fees are and how they work.

  8. How to Customize Your Shop: Setting your shop banner & shop logo.

  9. How To Submit External Product Links: Submit your products from an outside source.

  10. How To Submit a Digital Product: Submit a downloadable product

Services Guidebook:

  1. Services FAQs: Frequently asked questions about submitting services to ISJW

  2. What Are Services?: an explanation of services, and what they are

  3. Adding Your Service: A video tutorial on how to add your service properly

ISJW & Paypal Use

  1. Understanding Paypal Fees: What Paypal fees are and how they work.

  2. How To Connect Your Paypal Account: Set up your email to receive instant payments

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