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How to Keep Track of Product Pricing

A couple of weeks ago we released a really handy tool for handmade sellers: a set of worksheets that will help you to price your products competitively in whatever market your products fit into.

(Psst! You can find that free printable & grab it for yourself by clicking here)

Some friends have decided to include those sheets in their business binders so they can always reference them.

But if you’re finding the sheets a little too bulky, today’s free business printable is a worksheet that takes up much less space and you can reference all of your products & their prices easily on one page.

As a seller you may find that sometimes you will calculate the pricing for your products only to forget later what your profit-margin was or what the cost to create an item was.

You could end up re-calculating things all over again because you didn’t keep good records. This worksheet helps prevent all that fuss and confusion.

We hope that it will help to organize your JW Shop or Business just that little bit more!

Who has access to this free printable?

All of our free Business Printables will be available to logged-in users with selling capabilities. So if you have a shop on I Shop JW and are logged in, you should be able to view the download link at the end of this page. This is our way of supporting friends that support I Shop JW & it’s mission. If you would like to have access to this printable for free, you can apply to be a seller by registering & submitting an application to sell.

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How To Price Your Handmade Products

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