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I Shop JW Milestones & Updates

Hello friends! We are so delighted to have so many of you as part of this new special project! This website is a new idea, since it is free and will allow so many friends who previously couldn’t to start a shop. Some have found it hard to believe, but this website really will be free forever for our worldwide family. We hope that it will prove to be a wonderful tool for brothers and sisters seeking employment to further their ministry or increase their service to Jehovah.

While going through applications for our first 100 sellers on I Shop JW, we’ve received some amazingly heartfelt messages on why having a website like I Shop JW (ISJW) is so important. We’d like to share some of those expressions with you here.

Comments About I Shop JW

I like the idea of helping one and other out. I love to buy and sell within the organisation if possible. As a seller, I’d rather have other witnesses to deal with than with worldly people, if at all possible. At the same time, I’m not comfortable selling directly to the brothers and sisters in the hall unless they ask me for something directly. Therefore this is the perfect forum for me. -TL

– • – • – • –

I am a regular pioneer. We have too many medical bills to pay. My trust and reliance is in Jehovah but I also know that I need to do my part to continue pioneering. I have pioneering for 10 years and this is what I will like to keep doing. Is what it gives me the strength that I need to help my family and others to serve Jehovah and enjoy everlasting life in paradise earth. Thank you for all your help and support. -MS

– • – • – • –

As a new shop I think that is is just a great opportunity to help me get out there in front of other brothers and sisters. There are a lot of bonuses to having an extra option, even if it is just for features, that is free of fees. I know that it is hard to keep things free so I thank you for giving all us small shops such an option, and I want to help support you. When we work together we all win! I’m hoping this year I can grow my shop to the point of working from home full time so that I can be with my daughter more. This may just be the extra boost my shop needs! -BM

– • – • – • –

I really appreciate the circle of friends all working towards the same goal of supporting our service to Jehovah. I rather shop JW, knowing I am supporting someones else’s service just as much as I am being supported in mine! -KH

– • – • – • –

As part of our product features on our I Shop JW Instagram page, we’ll be sharing more of some of the beautiful messages we’ve received from friends all around the world. Thank you so much for your love and support, friends!

Website Milestones & Updates

Every month or so, we will post updates on the progress of our project (this website!) & any improvements or enhancements that we’ll make to the marketplace to make it more functional for you all. So far, we’ve only had 1 week’s worth of activity but the stats are very promising!

Site Traffic & Stats

We’re pleased to say that ISJW has received 6,078 individual visitors to the website since we made it public on January 9th, 2017. That’s 5 days!

Over 250 people have expressed interest in selling on I Shop JW, which is wonderful! We’re still sorting through applications, but we are so grateful for the support.

We will update you all as we progress in this journey together. For the first 5 days, we are amazed by all of the support but not surprised because after all: we are Jehovah’s People!

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